We Clean all oven types, single, double, freestanding, Range-style or Aga.

Virtually all oven doors come off, we split them open to clean both inside and out. Whilst the shelves, panels and fan blades are soaking in our custom-made soak tank in the van, we clean the inside of the oven. The buttons, dials and housing are also cleaned. When re-assembled in a pristine state the whole unit is polished.

Oven pic
Gas hobs, electric and ceramic hob units.
Pan stands, burner supports, discs are placed in the soak tank. The base of the hob is cleaned in the home. We also clean electric (plate) and ceramic hob units using our specially prepared chemicals.
Extractor Hoods
We deep clean all types. We dismantle where necessary, de-grease and re-assemble. Grease filters are either cleaned or paper filters are replaced.
Microwave and steam ovens.
Dismantled where possible, de-greased and re-assembled.

Spares and replacements.

We carry bulbs, filter sheets and smaller parts. Most other parts can be ordered for you and installed with a small charge.Please ask for assistance if you are unsure.

Although we specialise within the Domestic market we also clean,

  • Community Centres
  • Schools domestic science rooms
  • Sports Clubs
  • Care Homes
  • Care in the Community
  • Landlords and tenants
  • Student Lets